Praise for The Life and Deaths of Frankie D

Audiofile Magazine, August 2021

"Stacy Gonzalez narrates an inventive paranormal story about a teenage foster child. Frankie's past is a mystery. When she begins having dreams about a 1920s carnival and its performers, she is shocked to find that their lives are intertwined with hers and that most of them are still alive. Gonzalez deftly portrays the characters, seamlessly moving between a variety of accents and personalities...her performance of Frankie embodies the teen and captures the wide range of emotions she experiences throughout the story."

Praise for Don't Hate The Player
Audiofile Magazine, August 2021

"Narrator Stacy Gonzalez brings Emelia to life as the Latinx teen balances her straight As and star athletics with her secret passion for gaming. Speaking in the first-person, Gonzalez is funny, emotional, and confident as Emelia claims her place in the male-dominated gaming world. Gonzalez uses an appropriate Puerto Rican accent for Emelia's helicopter mom, who manages every aspect of her daughter's academic life to ensure the best college placement."

Praise for The Fallen Stones

Audiofile Magazine, March 2022

Narrator Stacy Gonzalez infuses her narration with the humor and warmth that are among the most notable features of Marcum's writing. This is a story about butterflies, and there are plenty of them flitting about. Gonzalez is an expressive performer and brings substantial energy to this account of butterflies and the country of Belize. She uses substantial changes in pitch and pacing in a way that ensures that the narrative portion of the audiobook reflects its general goodwill...Marcum and Gonzalez bring all these topics together in a cohesive and lovely production.

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Praise for We Were Mothers

AudioFile Magazine, November 2018

"This audiobook engages the listener right away--first, with the characters' points of view and then with the secrets that are introduced and the questions raised. Gonzalez does an excellent job of voicing each narrator, changing her tone and mood accordingly and maintaining a superb pace....Gonzalez's performance is capable, making for an easy, distracting listen."

Praise for Accidental Champions Series (Accidental Duelist, Accidental Raider, Accidental Dragoon)

Lead Casting Coordinator, Rinn Kraus, Autumn 2018, Findaway Blog "Our Casting Director's Favorite Audiobook Productions"

"I think Stacy did a fantastic job of adding her own flair to this existing fantasy universe, and picking up where narration from the Accidental Traveller series left off. Her performance is clever and so much fun, shifting effortlessly between complex fight scenes to playful interpersonal dialogue, and high drama. She conveyed the sassy (and sometimes spoiled) main teenage character in a really endearing way that I didn’t expect, but definitely loved."

Stacy is also credited under a pseudonym for much of her romance audiobook work. Industry folks, please contact her directly for a list of those credits for casting purposes.

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Praise for Single And Looking

InD'Tale Magazine, November 2018, Tricia Hill

"Stacy Gonzalez shows off her talents with a range of voices and accents that keep the listener in stitches. In particular, she manages to distinctly vary each of Daisy's sisters' voices along with her mother and aunt. Her sense of timing is impeccable, and her pacing is spot on as she wrings out every drop of humor in the story. Ms. Gonzalez has a bright future as a professional narrator and would add to any book performance!"

Praise for Maybe We're Electric

Audiofile Magazine, October 2021

"This coming-of-age story is set in the tiny Thomas Edison Museum in New Jersey. Tegan, who has a disfigured hand, and Mac, a popular athlete, gradually scratch beneath the surface of their public personas to find a connection as they sit out a snowstorm overnight in the museum. Stacy Gonzalez brings both teens to life with a heartrending performance. Tegan is defensive, using her disability as an excuse for her penchant for spreading embarrassing "truths" about classmates. There is longing in her voice as she reads the emails she sends her dad, along with his responses. Her voice is guarded but gradually more friendly as she gets to know Mac. His voice is open, friendly, and honest as he shares a side of himself the public never sees."

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Books Narrated by Stacy Gonzalez

Praise for Seventeen

AudioFile Magazine, May 2019
"Stacy Gonzalez superbly re-creates life in an unnamed Midwestern town just before WWI....She also skillfully demonstrates the language patterns, family life, and propriety of the day. Listeners will be amused whenever Willie attempts to impress Miss Pratt as either her chatty servant, Genesis, and his dog, Clematis, are in the front yard or Jane is bellowing for him to come home. Gonzalez deftly renders the fanciful conclusion that enhances this masterful slice of Americana."

Praise for Seventeen
InD'tale Magazine
"Stacy Gonzalez gives a performance full of charm...she is a talented reader and fills her words with the emotions of the characters. She captured William’s struggle of growing up perfectly....This story is the kind that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy by the end. There’s a reason it has stood the test of time and will continue to do so!"

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