• Non-Fic Financial3:24

Audiobook Narrator

  • 2:50

Comedic Fiction with F/F Dialogue

1st Person

Feisty      Bright      Expressive


  • 4:24

  • 4:05

  • 2:39

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Contemporary Romance M/F Dialogue

1st Person

Middle Grades-Non Fiction

3rd Person

  • 4:11

Stacy records in her Studiobricks booth, in Elmhurst, a suburb outside of Chicago. She uses an Austrian Audio OC18 microphone, Presonus AudioBox, and Twisted Wave. She is able and experienced doing directed sessions via Zoom, Skype and SourceConnect.

Non-fiction Science

3rd Person

Non Fiction Financial

1st Person

  • 4:07

Stacy Gonzalez is a Chicago based narrator and commercial voice actor. She is feisty, bright and expressive. Stacy specializes in YA, self-help and romance, especially when the narration calls for a good handle on comedy, wit and sass. Audiofile Magazine has praised her pace and her ability to create bold characters. You can hear Stacy on Apple News+, narrating articles from Mother Jones, Los Angeles Times, People and others. Stacy, who is half Colombian, speaks conversational Spanish. She has a great love for Old Hollywood—watching the movies and listening to audiobooks about any and every aspect of it! Follow her on Twitter at @stacygonzalezvo, Instagram at @stacygonzalezbooks or visit her website at stacygonzalezvo.com.
She's studied the art of audiobook narration with Andi Arndt, Jayme Mattler, Vikas Adam, Johnny Heller, Marguerite Gavin, Sean Pratt, Patrick Fraley and others.

Non Fiction Spanish/Kids

3rd Person

  • YA with Dialogue3:01

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SciFi/Thriller with F/F Dialogue

1st Person