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Stacy Gonzalez is a Chicago based narrator and commercial voice actor. She is feisty, bright and expressive. Stacy specializes in YA, self-help and romance, especially when the narration calls for a good handle on comedy, wit and sass. Audiofile Magazine has praised her pace and her ability to create bold characters. Stacy, who is half Colombian, speaks conversational Spanish. She has a great love for Old Hollywood—watching the movies and listening to audiobooks about any and every aspect of it! Follow her on Twitter at @stacygonzalezvo or visit her website at stacygonzalezvo.com.
She's studied the art of audiobook narration with Andi Arndt, Marguerite Gavin, Sean Pratt, Patrick Fraley and others.

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These clips were all recorded in her home studio, in Elmhurst, a suburb outside of Chicago. She records in a space treated for the purpose of voice recording, using an Audio Technica 2020 microphone, Presonus AudioBox, and OcenAudio and/or Twisted Wave.

Stacy's not vanilla. She's tutti-frutti

spumoni swirl!

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