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from Spoken Realms--

Seventeen by Booth Tarkington

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Praise for We Were Mothers

AudioFile Magazine, November 2018

"This audiobook engages the listener right away--first, with the characters' points of view and then with the secrets that are introduced and the questions raised. Gonzalez does an excellent job of voicing each narrator, changing her tone and mood accordingly and maintaining a superb pace....Gonzalez's performance is capable, making for an easy, distracting listen."

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We Were Mothers  by Katie Sise,

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Feisty      Bright      Expressive

Stacy's not vanilla. She's tutti-frutti

spumoni swirl!

Praise for Seventeen

AudioFile Magazine, May 2019

"Stacy Gonzalez superbly re-creates life in an unnamed Midwestern town just before WWI....She also skillfully demonstrates the language patterns, family life, and propriety of the day. Listeners will be amused whenever Willie attempts to impress Miss Pratt as either her chatty servant, Genesis, and his dog, Clematis, are in the front yard or Jane is bellowing for him to come home. Gonzalez deftly renders the fanciful conclusion that enhances this masterful slice of Americana."