Books Narrated by Stacy Gonzalez

The Gulf

Stacy Gonzalez deftly crafts the characters in this novel, set in the 1970s. The story is told through the eyes of Lou, a young woman whose brother was killed in Vietnam. She takes on the task of restoring the old home of Miss Kate, a mother figure to her when she was growing up. Her work on the house parallels a backdrop of serious issues: the mores of the day, her relationship with her girlfriend, her small-town's mindset, extremist religion, and racism. Gonzalez captures the various characters, creating an accent here, deepening her voice there, and paying attention to their personalities and emotions. She shines with minor characters and those in supporting roles, such as a kind aunt and a gossipy accomplice.

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The Glass Box

Stacy Gonzalez performs a dystopian novel set in a near-future America in which government-sponsored counseling centers treat radical behavior. Riley continues her family's practice of speaking out in the face of injustice and winds up in an renewal center for mandatory reeducation. Gonzalez imbues her performance with a surprising brightness that contrasts with the anxiety-inducing psychological elements of this novel. She gives each character a unique voice, especially Riley's mother, who has a gentle Irish lilt. The story is slow at first, but Riley's time in the renewal center is intriguing, especially when she befriends a silent but violent inmate known as Frankenstein. The narration and the endearing cast of characters are woven into an emotionally resonant journey

Anita De Monte Laughs Last

With its compelling story and powerful narration, this audiobook keeps listeners invested until the very end….Stacy Gonzalez captures Raquel's focus and drive as her discovery of Anita's story changes the course of her work.

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Earphones Award Winner

Stacy is also credited under a pseudonym for much of her romance audiobook work. Industry folks, please contact her directly for a list of those credits for casting purposes.

Kill Show  —  Earphones Award Winner

An ensemble of wildly talented narrators elevates this fictional true- crime case told through first-person interviews. The narrators infuse a generous amount of personality and empathy into their portrayals of the community, media, and family involved in the tragic case of missing teenager Sara Parcell…. A compelling audio with a winning combination of narrators.

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Earphone Award Winner

Carrie Soto Is Back  —  Earphones Award Winner

In this novel on audio, narrator Stacy Gonzalez gives an impassioned performance of a renowned tennis professional. The story covers Carrie's career from when she was first being coached by her father at the age of 2 through her decades as a professional to her retirement after shattering every record. Now, at 37, as she watches an up-and-coming player, Carrie decides to make a comeback. Complications ensue when she hires a man who once stole her heart to be her new coach. Gonzalez sounds fierce as she portrays Carrie's determination, though her voice becomes tender during loving conversations between father and daughter. A large supporting cast, including former tennis pros Patrick McEnroe and Mary Carillo, provides riveting commentary in this action-packed audioboo

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Best Memoir/Bio Narration

Our Hidden Conversations  —  Earphones Award Winner

Peabody Award-winning journalist Michele Norris and a full cast deliver a must-listen performance of Norris's riveting examination of race in America. Based on 12 years of submissions to Norris's Race Card Project--six words about race from over half-a-million people--the audiobook shifts between Norris's clear, warm, thoughtful commentary and participants' contributions, all delivered by a talented group of narrators. 

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Full Moon Over Freedom  —  Audiofile Best of 2023, Earphones Award Winner

Stacy Gonzalez's fierce narration of Lopez's second-chance romance is a stormy yet satisfying listen. Fleeing an emotionally abusive ex, Gillian Armstead-Bancroft returns to her hometown of Freedom, Kansas, where she has an awkward reunion with her first lover, Nicky Mendoza. They then spend the summer working together on a downtown mural project. Gonzalez flexes her narrative power as the story moves from soft, revelatory passages to scenes of their shared past and the visceral punch of trauma and loss. She teases out Gillian's connection to Latin American folk magic in a gentle, compelling fashion. Gonzalez tracks the rising tension with Gillian's Mexican American family and impeccably delivers the dialogue between the couple. Gonzalez's boundless sensitivity to the longings of the heart completely transforms the story through her audio performance.

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I See London

Narrator Stacy Gonzalez offers a glimpse of the trials and tribulations experienced by a first-year American college student who is studying in London at the fictional International School….Gonzalez delivers a compelling performance, capturing the highs and lows of a college freshman who is figuring out life on her own. Gonzalez adeptly vocalizes multiple accents and genders, so listeners can easily imagine they are with Maggie as she takes classes, maneuvers around the city, juggles a social life, and becomes an adult.